how to add product in grandse pos billing software?

Product : ( Go Product click Add Products)

There are 4 types to choose for the product,

  1. Standard: These are the standard product like phone, ram, speakers etc.
  2. Combo: These are products that consist of more than 1 product in your stock like computer with Casing, RAM and Speakers as combo items.
  3. Digital: These are the digital products that can be downloaded only like software, movies, pdf tutorials etc.
  4. Service: This are service as checking/repairing fee for the computer.

Now you can assign the barcode symbology, product tax, tax method and supplier (up to 5 with their price) to each product. You can select the main product images and multiple product gallery images. You even can add the current stock for each warehouse. The product details will be displayed on view product page and the product details for invoice will be displayed on the invoice under these items.