Payment terms

the number of days before this sale marked as due. This value should be an integer 14 for 14 days’ payment term and 30 for 1 month etc.

There are 2 sale status

  1. Pending: The sale is added but the items has not been handed-over/delivered to the customer.
  2. Completed: The sale us added and the products has been sent/handedover/proceed for delivery.
    You can have partial payments for sales. There are 4 payment status 1.Pending: The payment has not yet received.
    2. Due: The payment term had been reached but the payment has not yet received.
    3. Partial: Customer has made the partial payment and there is balance that still need to pay by customer.
    4. Paid: The payment for the sale has been completely paid.
    If any of the product in order list is red that means the product or selected variant is out of stock or warehouse quantity is lesser then ordered quantity (you can change the product variant or reduce the quantity). If over-selling is disabled, it will produce error on submit.